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MJS Handbook

​If you are considering the admission procedure, please read the ​MJS Handbook. (Click the image to open the PDF file.)


We will hold a school information session for parents of older children who will be entering school in 2023 and parents of children who wish to enroll or transfer to special needs classes. For details, please check the document on the right (click the image). If you would like to participate, please apply using the form below.

【event date】November 15 (Tuesday))

Part 1 School information session (general)

Part 2 About special support classes

[Participation method] ① Participation at school (Manila residents)

② Online participation (participation from Japan, etc.)

[Contents] ① About school life

② Regarding admission procedures

③ About PTA activities

④ Q&A

[Eligible people] ① Guardians of new first grade elementary school students in 2023

② 2023 Special support class to be newly established in the elementary school

Parents of children who wish to enter or transfer to


[Application Deadline]Monday, October 31st

Reiwa 5th year elementary school new admission application acceptance start dateWednesday, November 16this.


①Families living in Manila

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

(2) Families traveling to Manila after graduation

Early April 2023


[Examination Contents] Written test and interview test

​* Details will be announced on Wednesday, November 16th.

​ For school fees, please refer to the MJS Handbook or this paymentitem ofPlease confirm. However, please be aware that we are considering revising the school fees from the 5th year of Reiwa onwards.

​ For school supplies, see MJS Handbook oritems of school suppliesPlease confirm.

If you have any questions"Inquiry form"Please contact us.

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