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Transfer admission information

MJS Handbook

​ If you are considering admission or transfer procedures, please read the ​MJS Handbook. (Click the image to open the PDF file.)


Please start the transfer procedure from this form.

​Please read the school admission requirements carefully and submit.

Please prepare images of your passport and Japanese Association membership card.

​After confirming the transfer admission form, the administrative department of our school will send you an email with information about the transfer admission test.

​In addition, examinations for new students and transfer students from the first semester of the next academic year will be held as follows.

1st Semester Admission Procedures for New/Transfer Admissions

1. Simultaneous examination for new transfer students

① Eligible people: new elementary school 1st grade to new junior high school 3rd grade (children of all grades)

②Schedule * Either schedule below can be selected

1st session: Tuesday, April 4, 2023, 13:30-15:00 (Philippine time)
2nd session: Tuesday, April 11, 2023, 13:30-15:00 (Philippine time)

(Note) If the above schedule is inconvenient, we will adjust the individual schedule, so please contact us.


   2. contents of the test

  • For new first grade elementary school students: Examination at school

  • For elementary school students: Japanese and math (2 subjects)

  • For junior high school students: Japanese, mathematics, and English (3 subjects)

*Please bring writing utensils such as pencils and erasers on the day.

*Test time is 30-40 minutes. After that, we will have an interview with the teacher.

In addition, in parallel with the examination of children and students, we will explain the transfer procedures to parents.

In addition, in the case of an international marriage family, we will have an interview with the parents and the school principal.


3. pass/fail result

It will be announced on the same day after the exam is over.


4. New/Transfer admission date *School start date

・First Semester Opening Ceremony:

April 13, 2023 (Thursday) New elementary school 2nd to 5th grade and new junior high school 2nd to 3rd grade

・Enrollment ceremony:

April 14, 2023 (Friday) New 1st grade elementary school students and 1st grade junior high school students

​For tuition fees, please check the MJS Handbook or the tuition section on this page.

​ For school supplies, please refer to "School Supplies" in the MJS Handbook.

If you have any questions Please contact us.

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